Special Events

“Wonderful farm and owners. ?The perfect location for a photo shoot. ?We recently did an engagement session at Mead Farm and we and the couple couldn’t have been happier. ?They were very accommodating, kind and genuinely enthusiastic about the shoot. ?The farm is family owned and has a great history – they’ve been around since the 20s! The images came out beautifully. ?A big THANK YOU to Mead Farm.”

-Coplan J. / Dideo Films Photography


“Such a wonderful place. They take great care of both horses and riders. Instructors are well prepared and share their knowledge with passion. Love it!”

– Marcella Branca

“This is a great barn with great staff. We have used them for riding lessons and birthday parties. They have always been very accommodating and very pleasant. We love going there.”

– Brook Manewal

“Extremely friendly people. My daughter had a wonderful time for her first time on a horse. She can’t wait to go back.”


“My boys were adamantly against horseback riding lessons saying only girls do that. Well as soon as they got off their horses – all 3 separately came running to me saying they want to do it again!”


“I had a great experience there. It was so fun getting back into riding and the trainer was really a good teacher and fun to get to know.”

-Candace A.

“They were very good at accommodating my children of different ages. They made horseback riding a very sweet experience.”

-Sooo-z M.

“A very pleasant experience. This was my teenage son’s 2nd try at riding lessons and the trainer was very friendly, and he was very comfortable with her.”

-Kristina K.

“A superb riding facility, 1st class tuition and wonderful horses. Rode my 1st Morgan (not available at my local equestrian stable in England) w.t.c. (walk, trot, canter) and jumped 1st time in many years. A must return when in the USA again. Thank you for allowing me to ride at your stable.”

-Berry Narbor

“I had a great experience here! I was made feel very safe by the instructors! I really connected to my horse, the instructors were really nice it was really nice.”

-Cheved Grosnass

“I’ve been riding at Mead since I was six and I can safely say that all the horses are cared for perfectly. Stalls are mucked every day, and the horses are fed three-four times. Boarding expenses include food and cleaning! The lessons are thorough and the staff is kind and understanding. Everyone loves the horses as their own, and we’re like a great big family! While the prices may not always fit everyone’s budget, it is definitely worth it if you can afford it! The horses are very personable, and all are trained in specific areas that have to do directly with their skill so the different customers can have the best horse for their experience level. They take everyone’s circumstances into account to make sure the horses are right for the barn. (No one lives too far to come weekly, etc.) This barn is awesome and I recommend it to anyone!”

-A Google User

Couples Night

“My husband and i just love it here. The views, the animals and the staff are great. Highly recommend.”

-Lynn Liang

“The staff was great and very knowledgeable. The owner joined us during the wine and cheese time and was pleasant and funny and made us feel very welcomed there. I loved actually getting to learn how to properly ride a horse rather than just being thrown on a horse without any instruction. I would definitely recommend Mead Farm to a friend and I would go back again.”


“Awesome time, knowledgeable and kind instructors, and a very personable owner who took the time to visit with our group. The horses were fantastic (and I’ve ridden some not-so-nice horses, so I know) I can’t wait to go back! :)”

-Rebecca M.


“Hi there, just a quick note to let you know that Megan was phenomenal last Monday with Ellie! It was Ellie’s first day back after a couple of weeks and Megan made her feel so good and positive about riding. So thank you so much for that! Have a great weekend.”

-Daisy F.

“I am sure you get a ton of these but I just wanted to take a second to say “Thank You”. Your staff was warm, welcoming and absolutely amazing with my son. He had an incredible time and we are looking forward working with you again soon.

You truly have a class act of people, my son and I could not be more pleased.”


“…Thanks very much. She loves riding at Mead Farm. She’s enjoying riding again, and it makes us happy to see her love for the sport coming back.”

-Randall S.

“…I’ve also been meaning to tell you how much I love riding at Mead. Learning to ride at 40 seamed like a bit of a crazy idea, but I’m so glad I did….your horses are absolutely lovely and I can honestly say my 45 minute lesson with Megan is one of the highlights of my week, she is just fantastic! Thank you!
See you next week.”


“I can not recall the young lady’s name that gave my granddaughter (Rayiah Grant) her riding lesson on Wednesday the 12th.

I wanted to let you know how awesome she was! My granddaughter has been riding off and on since she was two and this was by far the best “teacher” and one of the best lessons she has ever had.

She loved little Miss “Lillie” and we hope to get her back out there soon.”

-Shelly M

Summer Horsemanship Riding Program

“What a great week! Emmeline has been coming home brimming with facts and happy memories of her time at camp (“Mom, did you know the most important thing in horsemanship is a 5 letter word? Guess it.”)”

-Elizabeth D

“She loves being there. Thanks for all you and the others at Mead Farm do to make it such a special place!”

-Joli G.


“I am very happy with the service and care that Dustman and I have received since our move.”

-Jeanine N.

“Mead Farm…my home away from home! have been a part of this amazing farm for 10 years as a boarder and have loved every minute. The staff has become like family and treats my darling boy like a king. Their services are above and beyond, including taking care of sick horses. Their love for the young riders is extremely rare these days and I watched many grow up over the years and become accomplished equestrians. I love their programs and spending days reliving my childhood at the barn. A great place for the young and old, all you need is the love of horses!”

-Liz P.